WEND Team Makes Podium at Dew Tour, Dirksen Derby, and Pano NorAm

Several WEND athletes kicked off their ski and snowboard seasons in a big way this past weekend, competing and earning podium spots in multiple events across North America.

At the Dew Tour in Breckenridge Nick Goepper pushed through a snowy final run to place 3rd in Ski Slopestyle. Other WEND athletes who competed in the event included McRae Williams (7th, Ski Slopestyle), Simon Dumont (8th, Ski Superpipe), Robby Franco, and Anais Caradeux.

Dew  Tour Podium

WEND Wax made its way on to the bases of several other athletes at the Dew Tour, helping them overcome the challenge of Sunday’s fresh snow and slow conditions.  Oystein Braten, Norwegian Freeski team, along with head coach Luke “Ocho” Allen, showed how WEND Wax can get you there with a 2nd place podium.  WEND’s partnership with USSA gave the US Freeskiing tech’s the advantage to dominate the top 5 with Gus Kenworthy‘s winning performance and Joss Christensen’s strong  5th place finish.

Out on the West Coast, WEND team athlete Alex Deibold raced at Mt. Bachelor’s Dirksen Derby and made the podium with a solid 3rd place finish.


Alpine racer and WEND athlete Tommy Ford, making his first appearance since his January 2013 injury, showed that determination and hard work pays off with a notable 3rd place podium in the NorAm Slalom at Panorama, BC.

Tommy Ford places 1st in Canada

“We couldn’t be more proud of all our athletes who competed this past week” said Wax Research owner John Dahl. “It’s an honor to be able to support them and provide the wax they need to achieve such stellar results.  We’re looking forward to seeing their continued success this winter!”

Banzai Master Daron Rahlves Signs Three-Year Deal with WEND Wax

barta_g_3703 Men Ski Start

Vista, California –October 15, 2014 – Daron Rahlves, the most decorated American Downhill and Super G skier in history, has just renewed a three-year contract with WEND Wax. Three years ago, Daron became the original member of the WEND team, which now boasts 12 Olympians and several more world-class athletes.

The alpine legend is also an avid surfer who spends part of his summers in Encinitas near WEND’s headquarters. He originally connected with the WEND family through its parent company Wax Research, which also makes the world’s leading surf wax brand, Sticky Bumps. While they had been producing snow waxes for private labels for more than 40 years, and dabbled with branding their own line, it wasn’t until Daron approached them with the idea of a Daron Rahlves Signature Series wax that they decided to move forward in developing and marketing WEND.

Since joining the team, Daron has played an integral role in the progression of the product line. The WEND Daron Rahlves HF Race Overlay Paste is one of the company’s best-selling items, and they are currently working closely together to create some innovative race waxes that will compliment his signature line. The partnership extends to event support as well, and this upcoming season the company will proudly be the official wax sponsor of Daron’s event, the Rahlves’ Banzai Tour, for the fourth year in a row.

“Over the last three years I’ve relied on WEND Wax products for my race skis and freeride boards on mountains around the world. And yes, it feels good gliding smooth and fast over all types of snow,” said Rahlves. “Together with its A-list team, WEND and I work to create products that make every day on snow a better experience for all of us. I look forward to using WEND and continuing our partnership while making us faster on the snow.”

“It’s an honor to work with one of the most esteemed names in skiing.  Daron’s contribution to WEND continues to be an integral part of our product line development.  Together we strive to continually push WEND’s performance on all levels,” said John Dahl, Wax Research, President.

About Daron Rahlves

Daron Rahlves spent 13 years on the US Ski Team and has 12 World Cup wins, 28 World Cup podiums, 7 US National titles, 15 US National podiums, and 3 World Championship medals. To top it all off, he is an X Games Gold Medalist, a four-time Olympian, and was the winner of the legendary Hahnenkamm Downhill in 2003 and SG in 2004. He is also proud to have created a unique event, Rahlves’ Banzai Tour, a mix of big mountain freeriding and boardercross. http://www.rahlvesbanzai.com/

About WEND

WEND, a Wax Research brand, is an innovative line of Natural Meadowfoam (MF) and fluoro racing waxes, overlays, bars, pastes including a full range of tuning shop waxes and base treatments.  WEND continues to redefine the way we think about snow waxes.  As a leader in the global wax market, WEND unwinds traditional logic as witnessed in the performance of their trailblazing formulas. Founded in Encinitas in 1971, Wax Research is recognized by the international sport community as one of the original surf accessory companies. This family of like-minded people is dedicated to that vital spark of individualism and adventure.  A grassroots manufacturer, every handcrafted bar of high quality surf and ski wax is poured in their California factory. www.wendperformance.com

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Revamped WEND Team

Over the past few months, WEND has been preparing for winter by beefing up our already-impressive team. We’re stacked with slopestyle athletes, pipe slayers, racers and aerialists. We’re proud to sponsor the very best skiers and snowboarders in the industry across a variety of disciplines!


The WEND Word has been catching on throughout the ski and snowboard industry, and since spring we’ve beefed up our team to include more heavy hitters and rising stars.


Check out our Team Page to see all the fresh new faces!

X Games Wrap Up

This past weekend, the WEND crew packed up our gear and headed to the Rockies to cheer on our team at Winter X Games in Aspen. We set up shop in the waxing room of the athlete lounge to make sure the skiers’ and riders’ equipment was competition-ready.


More and more athletes and techs are using WEND products to help reach the podium and bring home some serious bling, but our team in particular crushed it with two gold medal wins. BoarderX star Lindsey Jacobellis finished first in her event, earning her 8th X Games gold medal and becoming the most decorated female in X Games history.  In ski slopestyle, defending champ Nick Goepper threw bangers like a switch right dub screamin’ seamen and a triple cork 1440 mute, raking in a huge score of 95 and becoming the first skier since 1994 to earn back-to-back golds in this event.


Members of US Snowboarding and the US Ski Team also found success with WEND on their bases, with many of their athletes taking home medals too.


These big wins come right before the athletes head to Sochi to represent the US in the Winter Olympics. If the X Games is any indication of how our athletes will perform in Sochi, we’ve got high hopes. We’re stoked to see what they do with the momentum they’re carrying and we’re sure they’ll make us proud!
Nick Goepper Podium

Dumont Transitions into Wend Wax

Carlsbad, Ca

October 23, 2013


Simon Dumont, one of the most decorated freestyle skiers and world record holder for the highest air in a quarterpipe joins the WEND Wax Elite World Team. 
Dumont dominates freeskiing history with more victories and awards than any other halfpipe skier in the world. In addition to countless awards and podium finishes, Simon is known for setting the world record for highest air in a quarterpipe and also organizing the famed “cubed pipe” photo shoot at Squaw Valley. He rounds out the WEND Elite Team of Daron Rahlves, Lindsey Jacobellis, Kazu Kokubo, Heather McPhie, Nick Goepper, Grete Eliassen, John Teller, Anais Caradeux and Travis Gerrits.
“There are times, when even in a halfpipe, my event can come down to who is running faster, so my wax is as important to me as my whole set up,” said Dumont.  “WEND gives me the confidence that I will have the speed I need in the halfpipe no matter what the conditions, and with the Olympics coming up, I don’t want to leave anything to chance.”
 “I’m super stoked to be working with Simon,” said John Dahl.   “Our innovative WEND waxes should give him that push that lands him on the podium.”

About Simon Dumont

Being crowned the first ever AFP World Champion and with nine X Games medals, Dumont is notable as one of the best freestyle skiers in the world today.  Dumont had a rough start to last season, just coming back from knee surgery, Simon crashed while training for the Dew Tour shattering both wrists.  After a 3 hour surgery of plates and pins being put in, Simon came back to X Games with only 1 week of skiing and without the use of poles and once again climbed up on that podium with a bronze medal.  Fully healthy and ready for 2014, Simon is excited to finally see his sport in the Olympics.

About WEND

WEND, a brand owned by Wax Research, Inc., is a sophisticated line of Fluoro and Natural racing waxes, overlays, bars, pastes and a full range of tuning shop waxes and base treatments.  Wax Research, founded 1972 in California, is a family owned company as well as a global market leader in the action sport wax and accessory business.  They have produced private label snow waxes since 1972 for some of the top brands of the sport. 
WEND waxes are the official competition supplier to the U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding, and U.S. Freeskiing. 


McPhie Signs Olympic Year Agreement with WEND Wax

Photo By Harald Marbler

Photo By Harald Marbler

Carlsbad, Ca

WEND Wax announces the signing of Freestyle Moguls Skier Heather McPhie to their Elite World Team.  #RoadtoSochi #WendWaxWillGetYouThere #MadeinCalifornia
McPhie, 2013 National Freestyle Champion, Olympian and third overall for 2012/2013 joins WEND Elite Team members Daron Rahlves,  Lindsey Jacobellis, Kazu Kokubo, Nick Goepper, John Teller,  Anais Caradeux and Travis Gerrits.
“I am thrilled to be teaming up with the WEND family.  Before working with WEND wax I’ve known very little about taking care of my own equipment.  WEND wax and their staff have been incredible with me, in terms of teaching me how to use the product and how to take care of my skis!  The hot wax is great, and they have liquid wax that I use while training.  Waxing regularly has made my skis feel smoother, and more consistent, and I have gained a lot of peace of mind from understanding how to use the product myself, and keep things consistent from day to day”, stated Heather.
 “It’s fantastic having Heather onboard.  She’s a great fit for WEND with her high standards, positive attitude and love for the sport”, said John Dahl (Wax Research President).    “I see us achieving great things together.”


About Heather McPhie

Olympian Heather McPhie came late to moguls, but she’s been making up for lost time. In 2010, the Bozeman, Montana native found a new gear and accelerated to her first four career World Cup podiums, including one win in her current hometown of Park City, UT. Her breakout results earned her a trip to her first Olympics in Vancouver. The 2012-2013 ski season was Heather’s most successful to date, with three World Cup wins, as well as two other podiums.  She finished the season ranked third overall in the world and defended her title at the National Championships.


About WEND

WEND, a brand owned by Wax Research, Inc., is a sophisticated line of Fluoro and Natural racing waxes, overlays, bars, pastes and a full range of tuning shop waxes and base treatments.  Wax Research, founded 1972 in California, is a family owned company as well as a global market leader in the action sport wax and accessory business.  They have produced private label snow waxes since 1972 for some of the top brands of the sport.
Photo By Garth Hager

Photo By Garth Hager