Mountain Trip Packing Tips

Packing for a trip can be exciting and stressful all rolled into one. You’re so stoked for your trip, but don’t have time to pack and don’t want to forget anything! Well, being a list maker, I have created the ultimate packing list for your mountain trip. You’re welcome!

-Board or Skis and poles
-Hardware (screws and washers)
-Screwdriver (small one for your pocket or backpack is good, or a regular one will definitely work!)
-Board or ski bag (pack hardgoods and softgoods in this travel bag. Best to get a travel bag like this so that all your snow gear can fit in together! Expensive, but worth it.)
Ski strap? I snowboard so I am not sure if this is a necessity, but it seems like a good idea to me!

-Facemask (may we recommend this one?)
-1st Layer
-Another warm layer, just in case

Accessories for Riding
-Snacks for on-hill (granola bars, trail mix, fruit leathers)
-Wax! On-hill waxing options are our towelettes, rub-on waxes (all our hard waxes can be rubbed on!), paste tins. Off-hill options are our hard waxes, liquid waxes, and travel wax iron that packs away super small and can even fit in your boot for travel! Don’t forget a scraper
-Sunscreen and lip balm (put it on no matter what, trust us)
-Camera (you can just use your phone, or get one of those fancy GoPros that everyone is talking about!)

Off-Hill Stuff
-Sweaters and sweatshirts
-T Shirts
-Socks and shoes
-Street jacket (can be your on-hill jacket! Might be a little warm in the club, but you’ll be stoked on the walk home)
-Bathing suit for après hot tub!

Backcountry Extras
-Small first aid kit
-More snacks!

Ahhh now we need to plan a trip! Just making this list got us in the mood for ADVENTURE!

RIDGE Mountain Academy

RIDGE Mountain Academy is a one-of-a-kind program that uses mountain sports and education to help students develop in all areas of their lives. We wish we had the opportunity to study at RIDGE and WEND is stoked to provide wax to the students at the academy!

• The Training Ground episode shows how much people can learn from the mountains. 

• This story is one of the adventures you can see on VISITMT.COM

 Training Ground is the tenth episode in The Sky’s the Limit series. The video follows Billy O’Donnell as he inspires the next generation of mountain athletes, adventurers, and scholars. Debuted on Monday, February 6, 2017. Training Ground can be viewed at 

The Sky’s the Limit is a short film series from the Montana Office of Tourism & Business Development (MOTBD) that tells the stories of real people chasing adventure in Montana. The films follow the journeys of different people who explore the possibilities and realize their potential in Big Sky Country. The series is designed to inspire travelers to pursue their own adventure in Montana. 



WEND’s Tommy Ford finishes 19th in Adelboden

From –

ADELBODEN, Switzerland (Jan. 7, 2017) – Battling a tough course and flat light, Tommy Ford (Bend, OR) was the top American finisher at the Adelboden giant slalom, taking 19th place.

Alexis Pinturault took his 19th Audi FIS Ski World Cup win, making him the most successful French skier of all time—over the famed Jean-Claude Killy. Marcel Hirscher of Italy put down a blazing second run, but finished second overall, just .04 seconds behind Pinturault. Hirscher’s teammate Philipp Schoerghofer was third.

Hirscher’s result brought him to 100 World Cup podiums—level with Marc Girardelli’s podium count—making him the second most successful skier in history, behind Ingemar Stenmark.

The Americans skied well, with Ford and Brennan Rubie (Salt Lake City, UT) sitting 13th and 14th respectively after the first run. Though course set and flat light hindered them second run, both grabbed points from the day.

“I thought I skied well,” said Ford of his run. “It’s dark light and I was moving well through most of the course. I had a hard time generating on that set and on the bottom, it’s just getting used to it. It’s definitely a challenging bottom section, but I’m happy to have more time on it and get points.”

Behind Ford, Rubie scored his first giant slalom points, finishing in 24th. “I was pretty happy with the way it turned out,” said Rubie, who referenced the tough light, but acknowledged that he made a few mistakes. “It was more just my skiing and I have a ways to go, but I’m happy with getting my first points in GS.”

The men race slalom next at Adelboden to wrap up the weekend.

For videos of Ford, visit the US Ski Team website here.


  • Tommy Ford was the top U.S. finisher in 19th.
  • Brennan Rubie took his first giant slalom points in 24th.
  • Ryan Cochran-Siegle (Starksboro, VT) did not qualify for second run.
  • Hig Roberts (Steamboat Springs, CO), who recently won a NorAm GS in Vermont, made his return to the World Cup, but did not finish first run. David Chodounsky (Crested Butte, CO) also DNFed first run.
  • Ted Ligety (Park City, UT) has been battling back pain and decided to sit out the race. Tim Jitloff (Park City, UT) also did not start.
  • Road to Aspen: Marcel Hirscher continues to lead the overall hunt with 833 points, but Pinturault continues to add points, moving up to second place in the overall ahead of Kjetil Jansrud of Norway. The two also sit 1-2 in the giant slalom standings.
  • Next, the men race slalom at Adelboden on Sunday.


Tommy Ford I thought I skied well. It’s dark light and I was moving well through most of the course. I had a hard time generating on that set and on the bottom, it’s just getting used to it. It’s definitely a challenging bottom section, but I’m happy to have more time on it and get points. (The light was) pretty flat. You can’t see any of those micro-terrains. You see people getting their feet thrown up and there are some little crossruts in there. It’s all feel. You just have to have a good inspection.

Nick Goepper visits Woodward Copper as Guest Pro


Skiing in the summer time is the best. Attending a summer camp dedicated to summer shredding is even better. And getting to hang and ride with the pros you usually watch on TV is the icing on the cake!


WEND Waxworks sponsored Woodward Copper during summer 2016, and we had a specific camp week, WEND Week, where we even had some of our WEND team members attend camp to do waxing demos and chill with campers on and off the slopes.


Nick Goepper, Red Gerard, and Mike Grey were our representatives, and had one heck of a time!


Ryan Wachendorfer 2015/16 Season Edit

Ryan Wachendorfer is definitely an up and comer in the halfpipe and slopestyle realms. His talent reaches far and wide both in and out of the snowboard world. Here’s a wrap up of Ryan’s 2015/2016 snowboard season. We want to make sure that Ryan is somebody that you keep Wachen progress over the next few years! Get it. . . Wachen. . .

“Season edit from the 2015/16 winter. Footage filmed by VuzMedia, Windham Swayne Miller, Burton Us Open Superpipe and Snowboarder Magazine. Thanks to everyone who made this season the best one yet especially Vitaly Design, Salomon Snowboards, Bonfire Snowboarding, Electric, HID Projectors, U.S. Snowboarding, Wend Waxworks and YEA.NICE”

– Ryan Wachendorfer


IG: @RyanWach
Vimeo: Ryan Wachendorfer 

Nick Goepper Takes on Mammoth Mountain


Heading west, Nick and filmer Brice Milleson take on Mammoth Mountain’s Unbound park.  Guest appearances include fellow WEND team rider Stefi Luxton & Anna Gasser.


“I’ve come to a point in my life where I must accept who I am. I’ve become who I really am inside.

There is no hiding it.  I, Nick Gaper, am…Lord of the Gapes.”

– Nick Goepper

Snowboarder Magazine’s The Launch 2016 presented by Volcom at Bear Mountain



We are stoked to gain our annual springtime shred stoke from the godly amount of photos Snowboarder Magazine supplies us through their online galleries during The Launch.  This year The Launch was brought back down to Bear Mountain just in time for a spring break filled with grey skies and incredibly strange winds – a day differing from Bear Mountain’s daily standard of year round t-shirt laps.  Regardless – spins were spun, flips were flipped, and rails were ridden.

Head over to SNOWBOARDERMAG for the gallery and recap of Day 1!  Keep a lookout for snaps of WEND team riders Valentino Guseli and Edward Enyart in the Day 1 gallery!  More to come from WEND team riders Red Gerard, Toby Miller, Seamus O’Connor, and Ryan Wachendorfer later this week!



Stay tuned for more to come this week . . .

Rahlves Banzai Tour 2016




The stoke level was high after The Rahlves’ Banzai Tour wrapped up its first stop at Kirkwood Mountain Resort, February 27 and 28. Beautiful weather, amazing snow conditions, adrenaline packed racing, big airs, and even bigger smiles made for an awesome weekend that lived up to the Rahlves’ Banzai reputation. The addition of the Mini Banzai tester for kids 8-11 years old was a crowd pleaser and brought another exciting dimension to the Tour.

This year’s Tour saw many returning veteran Banzai athletes as well as a lot of new athletes which kept the competition “spicy”as Men’s Ski division winner, Josh Anderson described. “As soon you start getting into that first round of sixteen it starts heating up,” said Anderson. With the start gates dropping at the steepest part of the Wall things really heated up fast, literally from 0 to 40 mph.


The course was set by Daron Rahlves and like always he challenged the riders’ abilities in the fastest and most aggressive way possible.  Starting on the near vertical drop-in, four racers fought for the “CLIFDrop Holeshot.”  Conditions were bumpy and rough with chalky, wind blown snow at the top but then transitioned into some softer snow as the racers made wide G.S. turns, making their way down under the Wall chair lift and then sending it off the “Down A Deschutes” cat-track jump into “Giro Gully.” With legs burning racers then navigated the technical winding gully and come out in a tuck for the finish line.


Both the Men’s and Women’s ski and snowboard finals were exciting with plenty of unexpected adrenaline fueled action. In Men’s Ski division Final, Kyle Coxon, reigning Banzai champion from last season, took the holeshot, with Alec Jones, Josh Anderson, and Garrett Oren battling each other to make a pass. Anderson made a move on the big wall turn which kicked up a cloud of snow taking out Oren. Coming into the gully, Jones hit a big rut which took off one of his skis. Anderson made
some lighting fast evasive maneuvers and saw Coxon ahead. According to Anderson, Coxon was far enough ahead to seal the deal but decided to take a tighter line and ended up getting bucked back seat and could not hang on to it. “I got to ski through another explosion; it kind of felt like Mario Cart,” said Anderson laughing. Anderson gave a quick glance and a “hope your ok man” to make sure Coxon was alright and then he got real excited because he realized there was no one behind him.

“I had to put the arms in the air. I felt pretty good, haven’t won one of
these things before,” said Anderson.


When you talk to the Banzai athletes about what keeps them coming back every year, one thing is clear, and that is the camaraderie.  Women’s Ski division winner, Shannon Rahlves, explained, “There’s a core group of about 40 of us that have been doing it for probably four seasons; skiers, snowboarders, men and women, it’s like our little family.”

“We’re all out here having fun and challenging ourselves but at the end of the day we all care for each other,” said Rahlves.  At the top of the course there are lots of laughs and high fives but the athletes do not take the racing lightly.

“Once your tips are on the gate, it gets a little quite for sure,” said Anderson

RahlvesBanzai_005 RahlvesBanzai_006

WallBanzai Overall Results:

Men’s Ski: 1st – Josh Anderson | 2nd – Kyle Coxon (DQ) | 3rd – Alec Jones (DQ) | 4th – Garrett Oren (DQ)
Women’s Ski: 1st – Shannon Rahlves | 2nd – Shelly Robertson | 3rd – Caitlin Robinson | 4th – Katie Wry
Men’s Snowboard: 1st – Lucas Dehmlow | 2nd – Jayson Hale | 3rd – Sylvain Duclos | 4th – Roger Carver
Women’s Snowboard: 1st – Audrey Hebert | 2nd – Yoko Nakamura | 3rd – Mariah Dugan | 4th – Bre Stringfellow
Mini Man Banzai: 1st – Carl Ottoson | 2nd – Florian Standteiner | 3rd – Jack Schrady | 4th – Dreyson Rahlves


RahlvesBanzai_BracketMensSki RahlvesBanzai_BracketMensSnowboard RahlvesBanzai_BracketMiniMan RahlvesBanzai_BracketWomensSnowboard


Daron’s Word:


“A crazy feeling runs through you looking off the Wall from the Banzai start knowing you’re about to race for the CLIF Drop holeshot with three other competitors.  It’s steep and fast!  It took me two runs to feel comfortable and go for it, but then it was, bring it on! I’m sure most others felt the same way.  We had ideal race conditions Sunday with sun and great snow. The snow on top was soft and dry then turned into butter on the bottom.  A fired up crowd got loud and really supported
all competitors.  They caught all the action lined up from the top rope line to the road jump off ‘Down a Deschutes’.  It got real intense in the final from the start through Giro Gully with multiple passes and close racing.  It was a rowdy Banzai like always.  I was at the start for the finals and have to say the Women Ski and Men Snowboard were awesome with all the battles of position changes.  A new addition was the Mini Banzai.   We ran a test event with 8 strong kids to get a feel of how we can expand it in the years to come. It was on the same track, but started half way down.  The 8-11 year old boys raced hard with huge smiles. Definitely a crowd pleaser.  Thanks to all Rahlves’ Banzai Tour sponsors, athletes, Banzai event staff and everyone at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.  Now onto the Silver Belt Banzai at Sugar Bowl Resort starting with the Banzai Bar Crawl March 4th in Truckee at Tahoe Sports Hub then going to Mellow Fellow and Pastime Club.”

Daron Rahlves

Rahlves’ Banzai Bar Crawl – Truckee – March 4
2016 Rahlves Banzai Tour: SilverBelt Banzai @ Sugar Bowl Resort – March 5 & 6
Super Final March 6th
Daron Rahlves, World Champion, Olympian, X-Games Champ and Sugar Bowl Resort Ambassador will
race on his home turf the two winners from each stop and then a randomly drawn men skier out of the
small and big final from the Silver Belt Banzai. $5,000 winner takes all
Red Bull | Deschutes Brewery | Giro Snow | Cliff Bar | Barton Health | Tahoe Center for Orthopedics | Flylow Gear
Zinka Sunscreen | Atomic Skiing | Wend Waxworks | Tahoe Sports Hub | Coal Headwear | Squaw Valley Electric |
101.5 FM FTKE | World Cup Supply | The Bar Effect & TRX |
Coffeebar Truckee | Powder | California Burger Co. | Base Camp Pizza | Virus Action Sport Performance
Thank You 2016 Rahlves’ Banzai Tour Sponsors
Upcoming RBT







LindseyJacobellis_XGamesBoarderX_Monster     Vista, California – February 5, 2016 – This past weekend, WEND team rider Lindsey Jacobellis set a new record by winning her 10th Winter X Games medal in Women’s Snowboarder X, the most gold medals earned by any women to compete in X Games history.  Finishing second in qualifiers to Czech Republic’s Eva Samokva, defending Olympic gold medalist, Lindsey made sure to put up a fight for the 2016 X Games gold.  Samkova and Jacobellis each winning their semifinal heats, both moved on to a very heated final round.  With Samkova making her way to the front of the pack early in the final race, Jacobellis trailed close behind until taking the inside line of the most critical turn throughout the course, knowing that Samkova would take the outside line, allowing Jacobellis to pull out front taking the first place position.  Holding Samkolva tight to the finish line, Lindsey proved her talent, experience and strategy by taking home the X Games gold, beating Eva Samkova by 0.04 of a second.


  Lindsey Jacobellis earned her first X Games Snowboarder X gold medal in 2003 at the early age of 18.  Since then, Lindsey has only once missed the top podium taking the silver medal finish in 2007.  With 10 X Games gold medals, Jacobellis is the most successful boardercross racer ever, medaling 11 straight times out of 13 X Games appearances.  Her 0.769 winning percentage  is the best of any X Games athlete with at least 10 starts in a single discipline.  In addition, Lindsey’s hard work continues to pay off as she is a four-time World Champion (2005, 2007, 2011 and 2015), three-time Olympian (winning silver in 2006, finishing fifth in 2010 and seventh in 2014), and holds 27 wins on the FIS World Cup circut.

“It was a great week at X Games, I was over the moon and excited to come home with my tenth gold and I thank all my sponsors for their ongoing support!” stated Jacobellis.  “It means a lot to be a part of a close family brand like WEND and to have their support on the slopes, as well as in the surf.  I’m happy to be part of the Wax Research family!”

John Dahl, President at Wax Research commented, “Watching Lindsey’s race had us at the edge of our seats.  We were so pumped when she made the pass and are proud to be a supporting component that continues to get her across the finish line first.”


About Lindsey Jacobellis
At 30 years old, Lindsey Jacobellis is one of the most successful women snowboarders of all time with a record setting 25 World Cup victories in Snowboard X & Halfpipe.  She is also a three-time Olympian with a silver medal at Torino, four-time SBX World Cup Champion, and now ten-time X Games gold medalist.  Lindsey was introduced to snowboarding in 1996 by her older brother, Benny, and the same year started racing boardercross at a local event held at Stratton Mountain.  Jacobellis also credits her success to her attendance at Stratton Mountain School, which holds a program allowing students to ride daily while earning their high school diplomas.  Lindsey’s first X Games invite came to her at the early age of 15.  Not only does Jacobellis hold 11 medals in Snowboard X, but has also earned herself a Slopestyle bronze medal from Winter X Games 2003.

About WEND
WEND, a Wax Research Inc. brand, is an innovative line of Natural Meadowfoam (MF) and fluoro racing waxesoverlays, bars and pastes, including a full range of tuning shop waxes and base treatments.  WEND continues to redefine the way we think about snow waxes.  As a leader in the global wax market, WEND unwinds traditional logic as witnessed in the performance of their trailblazing formulas.  Founded in Encinitas in 1971, Wax Research is recognized by the international sport community as one of the original surf accessory companies.  This family of like-minded people is dedicated to that vital spark of individualism and adventure.  A grassroots manufacture, every handcrafted bar of high quality surf and ski wax is poured in their California factory.