High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 5 Video Recap

High Cascade Snowboard Camp is a WRAP! We teamed up with Mother Nature to bring the temperature up for the beginning of August and we certainly succeeded, because Session 5 was a SCORCHER. Did we forget to mention that Signature Session™ Pro Danimals officially got bumped up to Pro for Ride Snowboards during Session 5 as well? Congrats Dan, you deserve it.

Featuring: Jesse Gouveia, Max Warbington, John Murphy, Max Tokunaga, Peter Limberg, Christian Sparks, Drew Poganski, Danimals, Christian Hobush, Camper Miles Fallon, Kody Williams, Vinny, Brady Lem, Cullen Berklau, Chris Fellner, Joe Sexton, and Cody Beiersdorf.

Filmed by Tyler Orton, Beef, Mia Lambson, and Devin Bernard
Featured Filmer: Jon Ray
Edited by Tyler Orton


Mark OMalley, Jesse Gouveia, HCSC

Jesse Gouveia with a Frontside Ollie – photo: Mark O’Malley

For more information on High Cascade Snowboard Camp, head over to highcascade.com or call us at home in Oregon at 503.206.8520.


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