Meadowfoam Natural

liquid hot box

Product Information:

Designed to achieve maximum penetration of wax in the base, the WEND MF Natural Liquid Hot Box is best used on new bases or bases that are getting dry and need to be revived.It is truly unreal how there is a visible difference in wax absorption with the Meadowfoam products.

There is an action of “transferring” wax into the pores. When WEND MF Natural Liquid Hot Box is used and skis are left base up, you can see the oil levels penetrating deep into the pores. Often times there will be some areas of deeper penetration where the oil has completely absorbed into the base. Increasing the amount of Liquid Hot Box creates a more consistent look to the base. You can also visually see when a base is burned, as the oil does not penetrate and it leaves a glossy area in the base. When wax is applied over any MF liquid oil product, the molten wax heats the oil and lubricates the wax. This process enables the wax to get deep into the pores as the oil rises to the surface. This transfer provides deeper penetration as well as more wax absorbing into the base.

Application Instructions:

1. Start with clean shop towel or non-abrasive Scotch Brite pad (white).
2. Place base up and apply Liquid Hot Box directly.
3. Distribute evenly with shop towel or Scotch Brite. (It is important to rub the Liquid Hot Box in as this action helps activate it.)
4. Let it sit for a minimum of three hours with base facing up to allow gravity to help with penetration. (After one hour check the base to see if more Liquid Hot box is needed in specific areas.)
5. Wipe off excess Liquid Hot Box prior to waxing, and then apply the hot wax of your choice.

We highly recommend using a NON Fluorinated wax as your first layer after using MF Natural Liquid Hot Box.

Key Component: Exclusive Natural Meadowfoam seed oil

WEND MF Natural Cleaner & Conditionercleaner conditioner 16

Product Information:

This product is designed to thoroughly clean the base of any contaminants including emulsion from grinding, dirt, and fluoros. It also contains a base conditioning agent to help prepare base for waxing.

WEND MF Natural Cleaner & Conditioner contains our exclusive Meadowfoam oil, which makes a dramatic impact on adhesion of wax applied after use as well as penetration. It is fairly easy to see this when ironing in the wax.

Application Instructions:

You will need a shop towel whether cloth or heavy duty paper and a stiff nylon wax brush.
1.) Shake can then spray the base generously with the cleaners and rub in with the shop towel. It is best to use a clean portion of the towel as often as possible since you will notice many contaminants being removed immediately.
2.) Next, brush the base to loosen any other contaminants in the base.
3.) Let sit for 10-20 minutes. You will notice that the base will haze over and look like it has dried out. This is all of the contaminants drying out and rising to the surface of the base.
4.) Once the base has hazed and/ or dried completely you will want to thoroughly brush the base to a shine.Now the base is ready for wax!

Key Components: Our Exclusive Natural Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Biodegradable Cleaners

liquid juiceProduct Information:

Cleaner, conditioner, and wax all in one, WEND MF Natural Liquid Juice is deal for an on-hill refresh, a quick wax when not traveling with an iron, or waxes in between tune-ups. It is available in a variety of temperature specific options for perfect results every time.

Application Instructions:

1. Start with a clean shop towel and a nylon brush or Scotch Brite.

2. Determine the temperature range of Liquid Juice. Shake the bottle well.

3. Apply generously to the base with the towel.

4. Allow Liquid Juice to sit for 10-20 minutes or until dry.

5. Once dry, brush off the hazed layer on the base to remove all contaminants.Now Go Ride!!!

Testing has demonstrated that Liquid Juice will bond well even to extruded bases and last longer than a hot wax does on this type of base!.

Expect Liquid Juice to perform at its best for up to 10 runs before needing to re-apply.

Key Components: Exclusive Natural Meadowfoam seed oil, biodegradable cleaners, and organic, non-toxic waxes


Product Information:

MFHF is a high fluoro overlay designed to provide optimal acceleration out of the start. Traditional Overlay bars contain a paraffin as the main bonding agent. For MFHF we use hydrogenated Meadowfoam oil as the primary biding agent. Meadowfoam oil has a lower melting temp, which means it transfers and bonds to the base easier. It is also physically harder than a paraffin, meaning it doesn’t crumble and resists dirt incredibly well. Meadowfoam has a similar carbon chain as flouro, meaning more speed and less additives. It has multiple applications, but maybe most importantly; it can transform your base wax into a high fluoro race wax.

Application Instructions #1:
When quick acceleration is wanted with low durability.
Apply your base waxes including your final coat of race wax. Brush thoroughly. Rub MFHF bar on base with a bit of pressure to transfer the bar to the base as a thin layer. Using a cork, aggressively buff the thin layer into the base. Brush with stiff nylon and then polish with a soft nylon.

Application Instructions #2:
When quick acceleration is needed and high durability is desired.
Follow the same steps as above, but instead of corking heat your Iron to 155C and flash heat the base taking about three seconds for the iron to go tip to tail. Scrape excess off with plastic scraper and brush with stiff nylon. Then polish with soft nylon.

Application Instructions #3:
Turn your standard wax into High Flouro race wax.
Before applying your standard wax, clean the base using MF Cleaner then rub MFHF into the base leaving a thin film. Drip wax over and iron in, scrape, brush and go.

Key Components: Exclusive Natural Meadowfoam seed oil