Rahlves Banzai Tour 2016




The stoke level was high after The Rahlves’ Banzai Tour wrapped up its first stop at Kirkwood Mountain Resort, February 27 and 28. Beautiful weather, amazing snow conditions, adrenaline packed racing, big airs, and even bigger smiles made for an awesome weekend that lived up to the Rahlves’ Banzai reputation. The addition of the Mini Banzai tester for kids 8-11 years old was a crowd pleaser and brought another exciting dimension to the Tour.

This year’s Tour saw many returning veteran Banzai athletes as well as a lot of new athletes which kept the competition “spicy”as Men’s Ski division winner, Josh Anderson described. “As soon you start getting into that first round of sixteen it starts heating up,” said Anderson. With the start gates dropping at the steepest part of the Wall things really heated up fast, literally from 0 to 40 mph.


The course was set by Daron Rahlves and like always he challenged the riders’ abilities in the fastest and most aggressive way possible.  Starting on the near vertical drop-in, four racers fought for the “CLIFDrop Holeshot.”  Conditions were bumpy and rough with chalky, wind blown snow at the top but then transitioned into some softer snow as the racers made wide G.S. turns, making their way down under the Wall chair lift and then sending it off the “Down A Deschutes” cat-track jump into “Giro Gully.” With legs burning racers then navigated the technical winding gully and come out in a tuck for the finish line.


Both the Men’s and Women’s ski and snowboard finals were exciting with plenty of unexpected adrenaline fueled action. In Men’s Ski division Final, Kyle Coxon, reigning Banzai champion from last season, took the holeshot, with Alec Jones, Josh Anderson, and Garrett Oren battling each other to make a pass. Anderson made a move on the big wall turn which kicked up a cloud of snow taking out Oren. Coming into the gully, Jones hit a big rut which took off one of his skis. Anderson made
some lighting fast evasive maneuvers and saw Coxon ahead. According to Anderson, Coxon was far enough ahead to seal the deal but decided to take a tighter line and ended up getting bucked back seat and could not hang on to it. “I got to ski through another explosion; it kind of felt like Mario Cart,” said Anderson laughing. Anderson gave a quick glance and a “hope your ok man” to make sure Coxon was alright and then he got real excited because he realized there was no one behind him.

“I had to put the arms in the air. I felt pretty good, haven’t won one of
these things before,” said Anderson.


When you talk to the Banzai athletes about what keeps them coming back every year, one thing is clear, and that is the camaraderie.  Women’s Ski division winner, Shannon Rahlves, explained, “There’s a core group of about 40 of us that have been doing it for probably four seasons; skiers, snowboarders, men and women, it’s like our little family.”

“We’re all out here having fun and challenging ourselves but at the end of the day we all care for each other,” said Rahlves.  At the top of the course there are lots of laughs and high fives but the athletes do not take the racing lightly.

“Once your tips are on the gate, it gets a little quite for sure,” said Anderson

RahlvesBanzai_005 RahlvesBanzai_006

WallBanzai Overall Results:

Men’s Ski: 1st – Josh Anderson | 2nd – Kyle Coxon (DQ) | 3rd – Alec Jones (DQ) | 4th – Garrett Oren (DQ)
Women’s Ski: 1st – Shannon Rahlves | 2nd – Shelly Robertson | 3rd – Caitlin Robinson | 4th – Katie Wry
Men’s Snowboard: 1st – Lucas Dehmlow | 2nd – Jayson Hale | 3rd – Sylvain Duclos | 4th – Roger Carver
Women’s Snowboard: 1st – Audrey Hebert | 2nd – Yoko Nakamura | 3rd – Mariah Dugan | 4th – Bre Stringfellow
Mini Man Banzai: 1st – Carl Ottoson | 2nd – Florian Standteiner | 3rd – Jack Schrady | 4th – Dreyson Rahlves


RahlvesBanzai_BracketMensSki RahlvesBanzai_BracketMensSnowboard RahlvesBanzai_BracketMiniMan RahlvesBanzai_BracketWomensSnowboard


Daron’s Word:


“A crazy feeling runs through you looking off the Wall from the Banzai start knowing you’re about to race for the CLIF Drop holeshot with three other competitors.  It’s steep and fast!  It took me two runs to feel comfortable and go for it, but then it was, bring it on! I’m sure most others felt the same way.  We had ideal race conditions Sunday with sun and great snow. The snow on top was soft and dry then turned into butter on the bottom.  A fired up crowd got loud and really supported
all competitors.  They caught all the action lined up from the top rope line to the road jump off ‘Down a Deschutes’.  It got real intense in the final from the start through Giro Gully with multiple passes and close racing.  It was a rowdy Banzai like always.  I was at the start for the finals and have to say the Women Ski and Men Snowboard were awesome with all the battles of position changes.  A new addition was the Mini Banzai.   We ran a test event with 8 strong kids to get a feel of how we can expand it in the years to come. It was on the same track, but started half way down.  The 8-11 year old boys raced hard with huge smiles. Definitely a crowd pleaser.  Thanks to all Rahlves’ Banzai Tour sponsors, athletes, Banzai event staff and everyone at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.  Now onto the Silver Belt Banzai at Sugar Bowl Resort starting with the Banzai Bar Crawl March 4th in Truckee at Tahoe Sports Hub then going to Mellow Fellow and Pastime Club.”

Daron Rahlves

Rahlves’ Banzai Bar Crawl – Truckee – March 4
2016 Rahlves Banzai Tour: SilverBelt Banzai @ Sugar Bowl Resort – March 5 & 6
Super Final March 6th
Daron Rahlves, World Champion, Olympian, X-Games Champ and Sugar Bowl Resort Ambassador will
race on his home turf the two winners from each stop and then a randomly drawn men skier out of the
small and big final from the Silver Belt Banzai. $5,000 winner takes all
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Rahlves Banzai Tour 2013

Wend is proud to announce the 2013 Rahlves Banzai Tour at four Lake Tahoe Resorts. It is spread out over four weekends beginning Feb. 2nd running through March 10th. It is an awesome chance to race the Olympian and win $10,000. Register today!

Rahlves unhappy about Winter X Games dropping Skier X, Snowboarder X Events

Wend rider Daron Rahlves of Lake Tahoe made his fourth and final Olympic appearance not as an Alpine skier, but competing in Ski cross, which made its Olympic debut in the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Although an untimely on-course collision may have cost him a medal, Rahlves has gained a definite affinity for the sport and has continued to ski cross in “retirement.” The Truckee resident has helped invigorate the sport by helping to establish the Rahlves’ Banzai Tour each winter, which culminates with the finals at Sugar Bowl ski resort in late winter.

Like many skiers and snowboarders, Rahlves was disappointed at last week’s announcement by the Winter X Games. Two of the longest-running competitions in X Games history – Snowboarder X and Skier X – will not be part of the show when the X Games returns to Aspen in January 2013.

Event organizers confirmed last week that ESPN decided to cut the events, as well as Mono Skier X, and will not build the X Course for the first time in history.

“I’m against X Games’ decision to take out the X Course for 2013. As a competition with straight up speed, skill and battles to the finish line, this is the best action in the Winter X Games,” Rahlves said. “I’m biased, of course, because that’s what I do. It might be time for a change in the build though. Shorter length, more technical, and keep the speed in it.”

Snowboarder X was one of three events that had taken place every year since the Winter X Games debuted in 1997, along with Snowboard Superpipe and Slopestyle. Skier X had been staged 15 of those 16 years, starting in 1998. Mono Skier X was added five years ago.

“These decisions are never easy, obviously,” said Tim Reed, senior director of content strategy for ESPN X Games. “We understand the ramifications these things bring. We come up with what we believe are the best events to showcase to our fans on-site and obviously the networks, too. There wasn’t one single factor that led to this decision. It just comes down to filling the schedule with how much we believe we need to make the event enjoyable to the fans and deliver on what we need from a product standpoint.”

One of the top U.S. Alpine skiers of all time who entered the Ski Hall of Fame in 2011, Rahlves had 12 World Cup victories, 28 World Cup podiums and seven U.S. National Titles.

Despite leaving the World Cup tour, he still savors the action. Ski cross is an unpredictable event that features four skiers racing down a course with huge jumps up to 100 feet through the air, and speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. The first person to the bottom wins.

“The bonus for me is the 2013 Rahlves’ Banzai Tour,” Rahlves said. “It should gain more attention now and attract athletes who want that ultimate race experience of four at a time over nature’s best natural terrain.”

For more information, visit www.rahlvesbanzai.com.

Rahlves was quick to give credit to both the Winter X games and ESPN for promoting the event.

“We all owe ESPN and the X Games a huge thank you for the progress they have made for the sport of ski cross, boarder cross and mono-X,” Rahlves said. “Unfortunately it will make the ski cross year a little less exciting without the premiere event.”

Wend Rider Daron Rahlves on Start Haus, Wend Wax, Dream Factory and Banzai Tour

Daron Rahlves takes a minute to talk about why he works with the Start Haus in Truckee, CA. He gives information about the upcoming Labor Day Consignment Sale, his Signature Wend Wax line, his new TGR film The Dream Factory, and this year’s Rahlves Banzai Tour.

Daron Starring in Snow Film “Like There’s No Tomorrow”

Wend rider Daron Rahlves is starring in the world’s largest action sports film – Warren Miller’s 62nd snow film “Like There’s No Tomorrow” – it reaches Jindabyne next week for a special, one-off showing.

Narrated by Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Moseley and shot on location on five continents, . . . Like There’s No Tomorrow celebrates the moments that make up a perfect winter. Tour the world’s most inspiring snowy landscapes, from the rugged peaks of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington to the legendary powder of Squaw Valley, California; from the striking Himalayas in Gulmarg, India to the southern hemisphere’s highest peak in Portillo, Chile. Alaska. Utah. Colorado. New Zealand. Norway.

Watch world-class athletes – including Chris Davenport, Julia Mancuso, Daron Rahlves, Colby West, Sam Smoothy and Seth Wescott – drop lines most of us only see in our dreams and learn, frame-by-frame, how to live . . . Like There’s No Tomorrow.

Like There’s No Tomorrow

Screening at Jindabyne Cinema

Wednesday June 27 at 7pm

One night only – one show only