Aspen Spora

Aspen Spora

Pro Skier

My Name is Aspen Spora and I’m 12 years young.  I’ve been skiing for 10 years. Skiing is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I never want to let that go. My favorite thing about skiing is that it’s fun and that you always want to push it to the next level.  When you land a trick that you’ve wanted for years it just gives you a feeling of invincibility, give it a fist pump, YEAH!!! I look up to the pros because they can do so many next level tricks. I just want to strive to that level. This year I enrolled in an online school.  It lets me live my dream.


I only weigh 70 pounds so Wend Wax is definitely letting me get that extra speed I need!!!  What I love about skiing is being around your best friends. I have sooooo much fun when I’m out there on the hill. And quite frankly I couldn’t live without it.  Although I’m not old enough  to compete in some of the bigger competitions, It has been fun to forerun some of the events which include fore running Superpipe at the 2012 and 2013 Winter X Games in Aspen, CO.  and fore running the North Face Park and Pipe Open series at Northstar California.
Aside from skiing, I’m on the Razors team. Rollerblading really helps me progress a lot with skiing.  Wend  Jib Wax will definitely be in my pocket to  prep some urban features.


I would like to thank Wend for all the support.


I’m proud to a part of the Wend family.

Instagram: @aspenspora