Brock Crouch

Brock Crouch

Youth US Snowboarder

D.O.B: 8/22/1999
Hometown: Mammoth/Carlsbad
Home Mountain: Mammoth Mountain
Years Riding: 12 Years
Stance: Left Foot Forward Width: 19 Front: 0 Back: 0
Sponsors: Redbull, Burton, Volcom, Nixon, Mammoth Mountain, Dragon, US Snowboarding, WEND
Set Up: Burton Custom

Career Highlights/Achievements:
1st Place – Burton European Open, Junior Slopestyle – 2014
1st Place – USASA Open Slopestyle – 2012
1st Place – Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam – 2012
2nd Place – Oakley Challenge – 2012
1st Place – Ultimate Boarder – 2011
1st Place – Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam – 2011
2nd Place – Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam – 2010
2nd Place – Ultimate Boarder – 2010
1st Place – Gatorade Free Flow, Half Pipe – 2010
1st Place – Gatorade Free Flow, Slopestyle – 2010
1st Place – USASA, Slopestyle – 2009
“Being sponsored by all these great companies

– Social Media –

Instagram: @brockcrouch99


Fresh Pow or New park Set Up: POW
Pizza or Cheeseyburgs: PIZZA
Last Super Stoke: Riding with the BOYZ
Last Bummer Wave: No bummers
Favorite Wax: WEND Red High Fluoro
Donuts? mmmmmm
Most memorable day of riding: pow in LAAX with FERGS
Best Travel Destination: LAAX
Worst Travel Experience: Flight into Mammoth
A day you wished you could forget happened: NO BAD DAYZ
Most embarrassing moment: Me? hahahaha NEVER

Favorite Trip: LAAX
Biggest Challenge: Being a teenager
Best Decision: Do well in school
Worst Decision: Get behind in school

What is WEND to you? Sick Family
Last Words: Life is good.


Growing up in Southern California, Brock was surrounded by his older brothers and the beach culture. Brock was only 3 years old when he had his first taste of snowboarding on a family trip to Mammoth Mountain. Brock was adamant that he wasn’t going to put on ski’s like the other young kids his age, he wanted to strap on a snowboarding like his older brothers. Because of his age he couldn’t join the group classes, so he began taking private lessons and quickly impressed the coaches with quick learning skill and technique.

The next few years consisted of the family packing up for the weekend and heading to the mountains so Brock could ride. In 2005 Brock’s dream came true and the family moved from their San Diego roots and moved to Mammoth during the winter months and modified Brock’s school schedule accordingly.

Brock has filmed for videographer Warren Miller’s movie – The Playground and also had a part in a Chevy Truck commercial during the 2010 Olympics. From 2006 to 2011 Brock won a combined 56 USASA events. In 2012 Brock turned his focus to concentrating solely on slopestyle, wining all of the USASA slopestyle events.

When Brock isn’t snowboarding, he’s busy having fun either skateboarding or surfing.
-Bio Contributed by Denise Crouch