Cheyenne Brown



Truckee, CA
Home Mountain:
Squaw Valley Ski Resort
Years Riding:
Since before I could walk! Racing for 7 years
Olympic Bootworks, Volkl Skis, Dalbello Boots, Powdered Souls, Granite Chief Mountain Shop, Big Truck Brand, Briko Helmets, Leki
Set Up: Volkl Skis, Dalbello Boots, Marker Bindings

– Career Highlights –

U16 Nationals in 2015
Western Regional Junior Champs 2014, 2015
State Champion in Dual Slalom
Western Region Champ Athlete

– Social Media –

Twitter: @chey2710
Instagram: @cheyenne_brown_



Last Super Stoke:
Getting 10th place in Italy against some of the best skiers in the country
Last Bummer Wave:
Not finishing my last GS race at Squaw Valley!
Favorite Waxing Process:
Hot box skis with cold wax, scrape, ski, then rub on cold wax, cork in wax, then brush
Most Memorable Day of Skiing:
First powder day at Squaw Valley in 2016. It had just snowed 3 feet and I dropped my first 30 foot cliff and did a front flip!
Most Embarrassing Moment:
Dropping the palisades in front of the whole team, falling and tomahawking down the whole face!
Best Travel Destination:
Italy! I am in love with Italy and the culture there. The food is a big plus! Or anywhere where I can ski!
Worst Travel Experience:
In one of my first trips I had ever taken, I went to New Zealand. Without noticing I had booked a flight with a 23 hour layover in a NZ airport! So I was 15 years old and stuck in an airport for 23 hours with almost no money left and my bags had almost been stolen! Not only did I only sleep for six hours, but a couple kicked me out of my spot at 4:30 in the morning “Because they needed it more” than I did!
Biggest Lesson Learned:
Don’t let what anyone says affect you and your life. You do you and walk away from the rest!
Something Most People Don’t Know About Me:
I am afraid of heights, yet I ride a chairlift that is usually very high off the ground, every day!
“For me, skiing is
my life! I get up every day and can’t wait to get on the mountain to go rip on my skis. Skiing is my passion and my love. Skiing keeps me sane in this crazy world we live in!


Favorite Trip:
Trip to Europe with the Western Region FIS team. Traveled to Italy, German, Switzerland and Austria for a bit.
Biggest Challenge:
Trying to make the Western Region FIS Team! And trying to qualify for U19 Nationals at Copper Mountain.

Best Decision: Going to forest Charter School so I could see more and focus on my sport
Worst Decision: Eating the last piece of pizza when I should have gone on a run…!
What is WEND to you? WEND is my “new family” of getting together and supporting me and my dream. I have been using WEND for a few years – it is rad to finally be a part of the WEND team officially!
Last Words: When is it going to snow next?


My name is Cheyenne Brown, I am from Donner Summit, California. I have been skiing since before I could walk and racing for about 7 years. I am now part of the U19 Squaw Valley Ski Team and am in persuit of the US ski team. I attended a charter school in Truckee and am planning to attend college after graduating high school. I spend most of my time outdoors either skiing, running, biking, swimming, waterskiing or playing with my dogs in the sun. I love to listen to music and relax on my days off or will get sushi with some of my close friends!