Kazu Kokubo


Pro Snowboarder

Kazu Kokubo is a crowd favorite both in his home country of Japan and abroad, where his name is virtually synonymous with explosive snowboarding and amazing style. Kokubo has been stacking results since he began competing and has taken the podium at nearly every event he’s entered including X Games, European Open and two US Open victories. Kokubo continues to not only win championships, but simultaneously seek out and ride the biggest mountains for the most famous snowboarding photographers and film makers in the world. His solid riding style has landed him amazing parts in videos with Standard Films and Burton, including Standing Sideways as well as guest appearances in the Seven Samurai films.
“I have tried so many waxes for so long, and for the first time I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way my board rides after using WEND this past summer in New Zealand. Whether it was heli trip in Methven or pipe training in Wanaka, every wax I tried was awesome. I’m really happy that John and family have welcomed me into the WEND family. I can’t wait for winter!”
Kazu worked with WEND to create his own Signature Line of Speed Pocket Wax as well as hisĀ Overlay Speed Paste.