Ryan “86” Paul


Pro Snowboarder/ Rail Slayer 


D.O.B: September 15th 1990
Hometown: Cottage Grove, MN
Home Mountain: Afton Alps
Years Riding: 13
Stance: Regular    Width:  maybe 22 inches  Front: 6            Back: -6
Sponsors: Zion, The House, Coal, Sugapoint, Zany Earth
Set Up: Zion Zany Earth 149, Frankenstein Bindings, Adidas or Burton Boots, some good Wend Jib wax and a rubric for ledges.
Career Highlights/Achievements: This year it was getting to film with some of my best friends and take a bunch of photos too, all while riding a lot of resort.
Injuries: Broken Collar Bone, a few concussions, broken arm, broken foot
Twitter: @therealryanpaul
Instagram: @ryanpaul____
Facebook: Ryan Paul on FB

– Fresh Pow or New Park Set Up: Park
– Pizza or Cheeseyburgs: Pizza
– Last Super Stoke: doing plants
– Last Bummer Wave: not getting barreled
– Favorite Cold Waxing Process: just rub the stuff on!
– Donuts? Yesss with jelly please
– Most memorable day of riding: too many to remember them all
– Best Travel Destination: into the woods
– Worst Travel Experience: Cali trip a few years ago and not getting to surf as much as I wished I had
– A day you wished you could forget happened: there’s only a few
– Most embarrassing moment: got pantsed at a pool once when I was a kid, that was pretty embarrassing
– Favorite Trip: Michigan or Utah this year
– Biggest Challenge: honesty
– Best Decision: to be true
– Worst Decision: to fake
– – What is WEND to you? Wend to me is a superior product that makes my best days even better. My snowboard is a very important tool; Wend makes it function at its best.
– Last Words: Peace out America

“Ryan Paul.  I’m a human.  I like to snowboard in the winter. I grew up riding at Afton which is in Minnesota right on the St. Croix River that divides from Wisconsin.  I was privileged to live very close to the resort and be able to ride every day during the winter months. After high school I drove my Cutlass “The Cutty” out to Mt. Hood and rode all summer out there while doing Dig-To-Ride at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and catching sleep at night in the backseat of The Cutty.  I reside in Minnesota currently and I travel and ride often.  I film with Think Thank, check them out!”