Wend Technical Director, Chris Taylor, explains the in-depth progression of the Wend product line:


Chris Taylor describes the different products in the Wend Race wax line: 


Chris taps into the different Wend Waxes available at a retail level:


Wend Olympian, Daron Rahlves, demonstrates how to use his high fluoro Signature Paste Wax:


Chris demonstrates how to use the MF Natural Cleaner Conditioner making your equipment ready for wax application:


Wend High Fluoro Wax Description: 


Chris demonstrates how to saturate the base of the ski/snowboard with Wend Liquid Hot Box:


Chris talks Meadowfoam:


Wend has found the best combination for performance and durability in Non-Fluoro wax:


Need extreme acceleration? Add Wend Overlay to your base:


Chris shows how to use the Wend Liquid Juice. This all-in-one product simultaneously waxes and cleans the base of your ski/snowboard: